Guest Book

Over the years our customers have had some great things to say about our Trading Post, Native American Jewelry and Arts, and the culture that we preserve. The following have been copied from the Guest Book in our store. We hope to see your name in it soon!

We first visited 10 years ago, and it was so nice to visit Joe Milo’s again. We missed seeing Brenda.

Great displays of Native American art and culture!

Beautiful jewelry!

Great place, great people!

Always a great place! Enjoy the very nice people and as always stop at Joe Milo’s every year. Thank you!

Beautiful and exquisite displays! We enjoyed our visit at your store 🙂

The BEST quality and the BEST prices around. We’ve been to many of the shops on Route 66 and in New Mexico and this is the best.

Very neat, and very nice collection. Good customer service! You can ask them anything and they will explain anything about Native American art and jewelry.

I <3 this store!

BEAUTIFUL! Amazing selection of quality sterling silver and turquoise jewelry!

Fascinating place!

Beautiful merchandise and a fantastic store. A must visit if you are in the area.


We love the Don Dewa jewelry. Enjoy wearing his pieces and I always get compliments on them. We hope to meet him someday while visiting Joe Milo’s.


Love your store!

Joe Milo’s is exquisite as always.

Very nice selection of Zuni jewelry. Too many nice things to count!

Neat place!

What a fabulous collection of the culture! Loved the photos of the artists and their jewelry.

We loved visiting an old place in the Zuni area. Beautiful store!

Just beautiful! Great attitude in the store. We love this place1


Love you store!


Really a very nice place. Great things to buy at Joe Milo’s!

Lots of very neat and cool stuff here! Very cool .38 Special with Zuni inlay handles!

We love this place!

My family and I just returned from a trip to Zuni and the surrounding area, which always includes a stop at your store. We have been visiting since we left the Zuni are in the early 1960’s. My father worked for the FAA at Black Rock for a couple of years when my brother and I were very your (before we entered school). I am writing to thank you and your staff for another pleasant visit. Not only do you have beautiful, authentic items for sale, but you also have a wonderful staff who always treats us like long-lost friends when we stop in.

Best wishes always,

Very interesting!

Great store; great collection!

I have never seen so much turquoise in my life!

Incredible collection of Native American jewelry and art.

The best prices and best selection anywhere! By far the best place to buy Navajo and Zuni jewelry.

We always enjoy stopping at Joe Milo’s Trading Post!

So very interesting and absolutely beautiful. The workmanship and quality of jewelry is top notch.

Wow! The artwork is wonderful and the assistance is beyond compare. We will be back.

A great place to bring a house guest who is visiting the area. A must stop if you’re in the area and enjoy Native American art and culture.

The most beautiful Native American art and jewelry I have seen.

Wonderful selection of jewelry – very glad to get raw shells

A very nice place to look around! Joe Milo’s is a must visit if you are passing through the Gallup area. It’s well worth the drive south to see Joe!

Very nice and friendly. Loved hearing about the history of the area from the folks at Joe Milo’s

Beautiful jewelry and the nicest employees at any of the trading posts or pawn shops in the area. A must visit if you’re passing through the Gallup area.


We love the jewelry here. Top quality!

We visit Joe Milo’s every year — it’s our favorite place to shop for Navajo, Zuni and other Native American jewelry.

We always enjoy to trip to Joe Milo’s from Taos.

This place is awesome! A great place to buy Pendleton blankets.

We always come to Joe Milo’s!

Very pretty stuff – we love it here!

Great store, great service! Joe Milo’s is an excellent place for anybody that enjoys Native American culture, arts and jewelry. Some of the most beautiful Zuni and Navajo jewelry I have ever seen.

Great nostalgia! We loved the atmosphere at Joe Milo’s Trading Post.

We bought more than we needed! It’s a beautiful store with a wonderful selection.

WOW! Really Beautiful!

The very best trading post! I will always visit when passing through the Gallup area on Interstate 40. Well worth the drive south on 602 to see Joe Milo’s.

Your store is full of beautiful items! Keep up the excellent work and continue to carry great products. I love the store.

Incredibly beautiful selection of Native American jewelry and art. — the best I have ever seen.

Wonderful people; beautiful jewelry!

Love you place! It’s a must visit when you’re going to Zuni Pueblo or visiting Northwest New Mexico.

We love the double weave Navajo rugs at Joe Milo’s! Great selection of one-of-a-kind Navajo rugs.

Great atmosphere and cool guns!

Great price on Pendleton blankets

Thank you for your patience in helping us find the perfect piece of jewelry. We loved seeing the Navajo and Zuni jewelry and art at your Trading Post! Thank you for helping to preserve the culture.

Awesome stuff!

Loved it! Thanks for letting us look at the great Navajo and Zuni stuff in your store.

Thank you! Our annual visit to Joe Milo’s was very successful. We always love visiting to see the latest in Zuni jewelry and art.

Very nice place and incredibly nice people. We loved our visit to your trading post. Some of the most beautiful Navajo and Zuni jewelry we have seen.

We could spend a lot of time in Joe Milo’s! So much great stuff to see. Thank you!

Our favorite place!

Nice jewelry! The selection and people are second to none.

Hey Joe, Scott Bishop here. We were in your trading post the week before last and I wanted to follow up with you regarding out experience. If you recall, we own an antique/jewelry store here in South Carolina.

Our experience in your place was nothing less than fabulous. The folks that helped us in the wholesale area were not only very courteous, but extremely informative. Your staff had lots of patience and were very attentive to any questions. VERY HARD TO FIND in today’s world. I wanted to thank you for taking time to explain how your business evolved and actually works, truly, a unique experience for me.

After leaving your place we went to the Zuni Pueblo and shopped for a while and then watched a religious ceremony, the Comanche dance, which moved both Judi and I deeply. The last time I felt such contact with my inter soul was when my parents passed, amazingly we did not understand the words. Turly amazing!

We will return to Gallup on future buying trips and I can assure you we will return to your Trading Post. It is refreshing to see that in this world today that you conduct business as you do, you are to be commended.

Hopefully our paths will cross sooner rather than later!

Great store with a wonderful selection of beaded dolls!

Our favorite place to shop to Native American jewelry and art. We will visit again.

Love your jewelry! See you next year when we visit again. Excellent selection of high quality Native jewelry accompanied by great service.

High quality Native American jewelry and very nice things

What a delightful stop. We admire your preservation of a historic culture. The trading post is beautiful!

I felt like a kid in a candy store at Joe Milo’s! Beautiful Zuni and Native American jewelry.


Absolutely Beautiful 🙂

A very, very neat store! The coolest trading post that we visited while in the Gallup area. Well worth the drive to see it. Zuni is a beautiful place!

Joe Milo’s is equal parts trading post and museum. If you’re in the area, visiting Joe is a must! The selection, quality and service are unmatched.

Very nice; very interesting – the jewelry and art at Joe Milo’s is beautiful!

I saw the most beautiful bracelet of Zuni Fire Opal when in your store.


Excellent place to stop on the way to Zuni Pueblo. Very nice people and wonderful selection of jewelry and art.

The service and selection at Joe Milo’s was excellent. We will visit again when we visit the area!